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Can’t decide between Smile ID and Veriff?

While Veriff offers an automated document verification service, their product has been designed mainly with the needs of North American and European businesses in mind. Smile ID has built a localized verification experience that considers the challenges of the average African end-user.

Smile ID is the best fit for companies scaling in Africa who want to reduce user drop-off and verify their customers accurately.

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SDKs built to address common user challenges like unstable internet

Our SDKs are designed to adapt to varying image quality, older operating systems, and intermittent internet outages to ensure reliability and accessibility in every verification scenario. This reduces user drop-off and makes identity verification a frictionless experience for users located anywhere.

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We cover ID documents in all 54 African countries

Unlike Veriff, which focuses on depth of coverage in core European and North American markets, Smile ID has true coverage of all of Africa. We have three or more ID document types available in most African markets, and our local teams constantly update us on new documents being issued across the continent.

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Un-biased facial recognition that is accurate for all skin tones

Accurately verify African faces with Smile ID. We have trained our machine learning algorithms on over 5M African faces to remove the euro-centric bias of traditional models. Our facial recognition technology boasts a 99.8% matching accuracy rate across all skin tones, ensuring correct user approval.

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Working with Smile has improved our KYC in key markets but also as we expand across Africa.  Working with the team to solve problems customers are dealing with from a mobile device that can’t take a picture clearly to how quick we can get this information stored and vetted has been an interesting journey with Smile. It’s been quite amazing to work with the team.

Mandy NaidooChief Compliance Office, Yellow Card
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Top-tier Data Security

Smile ID employs enterprise-grade best practices to safeguard customer data, achieving both ISO 27001 Certification and SOC 2 Type 2 report against rigorous standards. Our comprehensive ISMS is built with the assistance of independent experts who validate our security, privacy, and compliance controls.

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We are equipped to help you level up your KYC/AML compliance stack. Our team is ready to understand your needs, answer questions, and set up your account.