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Case Studies

Companies across Africa use Smile ID to seamlessly onboard customers, prevent fraud and meet KYC regulations. Here are their stories.

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03 Jul 2024

96% Pass Rate: How Franc enables wealth management with Smile ID

24 Jun 2024

From 48 Hours to 3 Minutes: Troygold Democratizes Gold Ownership with Smile ID

01 Feb 2024

Granting loans in under 5 minutes: How FairMoney sped up onboarding using Smile ID

24 Oct 2023

MarketForce scales operations into multiple markets with a single KYC integration

18 Sep 2023

From Doubt to Dependence: How Flutterwave built trust with users while reducing fictitious sign-ups by 90%

23 Aug 2023

Switching to Smile ID allowed Bridgecard to reduce card creation downtime by 41%

23 Aug 2023

Paga reduces identity-related fraud by 40% using facial biometrics

Financial Services18 Apr 2023

Yellow Card automates 
KYC in 16 countries while meeting all compliance requirements

14 Apr 2023

Umba reduces fraud by 90% using Smile Identity

14 Apr 2023

ImaliPay reduces their onboarding time to under 10 seconds using Smile ID

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