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Why choose Smile ID?

Smile ID builds identity verification and fraud prevention solutions tailored for Africa. Refining our AI tools through years of experience, we enable fast, secure user onboarding and authentication for high-growth companies across the continent.

We take pride in offering the most comprehensive suite of KYC/AML and fraud prevention solutions across the continent. With an unmatched coverage, we stand unrivalled in fortifying business operations in Africa.

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Our solutions are built for African end-users

Addressing challenges such as spotty internet connectivity and the prevalence of budget smartphones in the region, our approach ensures inclusivity by supporting lower camera quality and older operating systems on various devices used by African consumers.

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We can verify ID documents in all 54 African countries

We cover three or more ID documents in most African markets. Our local teams stay updated on new documents being issued across the continent and ensure the latest documents are on file.

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Our customers love our service

Our customer success team, based across Africa, is well-versed in common ID errors, fraud methods, and failure reasons in each market we serve. As our core focus is empowering businesses scaling in Africa, you will always remain our top priority.

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We access the most reliable data sources

Our data is all sourced directly from government registries or fully licensed legal providers. This guarantees that we get the most up-to-date and accurate records, observe less downtime and that user personal information is secured on reliable servers.

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Top-tier security and compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. We are the only African IDV providers with SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance certifications, adhering to the highest data protection and security standards.

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I'd say Smile ID is connected to our ethos of simplicity. They have made our onboarding process a whole lot more efficient and simple. It has taken down around 90% of the fictitious sign-ups that we observe, and it's been very effective in that light.

Bala DanielSenior Associate, Financial Crimes, Flutterwave
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Allow businesses to rapidly scale across the continent while confidently verifying their users' identities.

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