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Stay ahead of the KYC/AML compliance curve with insights from our blog.

AML, Regulatory News18 Feb 2024

Navigating Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions in Uganda

AML11 Feb 2024

What Is a Risk-Based Approach to AML?

04 Feb 2024

Chargeback Fraud: What Is It and How Can It Be Stopped?

Smile ID News16 Jan 2024

Pioneering Identity Verification: Shile Owoka's Trailblazing Path with Smile ID in Nigeria

Fraud Prevention , AML14 Jan 2024

Digital Due Diligence: The Future of CDD in Africa

Smile ID News10 Jan 2024

Reflecting on 2023: Smile ID’s Rebirth and Transformation

07 Jan 2024

Webinar Recap: Startup Security - Your Guide to Fraud Prevention

Regulatory News05 Dec 2023

Tier-1 Transition: Navigating CBN's New Customer Verification Requirements

Fraud Prevention 26 Nov 2023

How African Banks Can Spot and Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

AML22 Nov 2023

The Central Bank of Kenya Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering and How to Meet Them

KYC Best Practices21 Nov 2023

How selfies and ID card photos can be used to verify identity

AML13 Nov 2023

What Are The Three Stages Of Money Laundering? (Placement, Layering & Integration)

Fraud Prevention 26 Oct 2023

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud When Scaling Your Business Across Africa

AML12 Oct 2023

How to Build an Effective AML/CFT Compliance Programme When Growing an Online Business in Africa

Smile ID News24 Sep 2023

Cheers to More Transparency: We updated our Terms and Conditions

KYC Best Practices21 Sep 2023

How African Tech Companies can Leverage No-Code Tools to Unlock Growth

Product Updates, Smile ID News10 Sep 2023

Introducing Smile Links, a no-code tool for identity verification.

KYC Best Practices04 Aug 2023

Why Global Payments Providers Need a Localised KYC Solution for Operating in Africa

Press Release, Smile ID News27 Jul 2023

ID Vulnerabilities Emphasise the Importance of Biometric Verification for Businesses

Product Updates24 Jul 2023

Introducing our new v10 Mobile SDKs

Smile ID News, Press Release19 Jul 2023

A New Chapter Begins: Introducing Smile ID

Smile ID News28 Jun 2023

Smile ID achieves ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1&2 Certifications for Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

Regulatory News23 Jun 2023

FICA vs POPIA: Navigating South Africa’s KYC compliance regulation

KYC Best Practices20 Jun 2023

Why Do Face and Document Verification Models Fail in Africa?

15 Jun 2023

The Rwanda National ID: An Example of Efficient Identification

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