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Webinar: Balancing User Experience, Security & Compliance

Learn best practices and strategies that businesses can implement to effectively achieve this balance, improve user experience and build trust.
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Imagine this: you work hard to acquire great customers, only for them to drop off after seeing your long, difficult, but compliant onboarding form. With a well-planned KYC journey, compliance and security don't need to hinder user experience. In this engaging panel discussion, we bring together a group of seasoned product managers and compliance officers to delve into the challenges and strategies involved in creating a compliant onboarding journey that effectively reduces user friction.

What you will learn in this webinar:

Exploring the impact of compliance on user onboarding experience, & best practices to achieve a balance.

Implementing effective user onboarding and verification processes

How to build a compliant onboarding journey that reduces user friction.


Elijah Kingson

Cofounder/CPO, Payday

Joshua Oyinlola

Fraud & Risk Operations Analyst, Bundle

Opeyemi Kufoniyi

Product Manager, Smile ID

Stacey Bonareri

Compliance & Regulation, Smile Identity

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