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Product UpdatesSmile ID News10 Sep 2023

Introducing Smile Links, a no-code tool for identity verification.

Peace Itimi

Director of Marketing

We are excited to announce the launch of Smile Links—a no-code solution that lets businesses verify customers faster.


Smile Links is a customisable, no-code KYC solution that reduces the technical requirements for businesses to go live. With a few clicks in the Smile ID portal, companies can generate and customise an identity verification flow complete with their name, logo, and data privacy policy, all in just a few minutes. Once generated, the user verification (KYC) flow will be published as a URL that can be shared with customers directly via email or WhatsApp or embedded in an application. Businesses can see the results of the KYC checks performed in their Smile ID portal or receive results to a callback URL.


Smile Links is a pioneering technology that opens the doors of innovation to more builders. It is the first fully functional no-code ID verification solution from an African-focused company, allowing businesses to build, launch, and scale faster than ever. 


As businesses of all sizes look to reduce production time, cost, and technical skill requirements to build solutions, the demand for low- and no-code tools has increased. These tools allow businesses to stay competitive and innovative, allowing professionals who are not technically skilled to play crucial roles in the global digital transformation.


According to a report by Gartner, low-code/no-code development is expected to account for more than 65% of all application development by 2024. Low-code and no-code tools are also expected to play an essential role in digitising Africa and other developing markets, as they reduce the technical barriers to launching innovative solutions.


In line with these, Smile Links empowers companies to cut down on production time and launch fully functional solutions complete with KYC features that meet local compliance requirements without any technical expertise. 


Combined with our document verification product, Smile Links allows businesses to verify a staggering 8500 ID types from 226 countries worldwide without increasing technical backlog or expending technical resources for integration.  Companies looking to launch in multiple markets or onboard customers across different markets can do so with Smile ID in a single integration and can now save time and money with little to no engineering efforts. It is also compatible with other ID verification solutions like Biometric KYC, enabling business owners to create fraud-proof KYC solutions.


We’re excited about what Smile Links means for the future of innovation in Africa and other parts of the world. No-code is the future of technology innovation, and we’re proud to be pioneering a product that helps businesses launch and scale faster than ever. It is not just another no-code tool; it is a gate pass to launching and scaling any product or service across multiple markets, whether you have a lot of engineering resources or not. It opens the door for many more businesses to partake in Africa's digital evolution.


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