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KYC Best Practices21 Sep 2023

How African Tech Companies can Leverage No-Code Tools to Unlock Growth

Megan Keirstead

Product Marketing Manager

Businesses across Africa are digitising their solutions. From retail banks working to build online banking experiences to upcoming fintech expanding on their features, the demand for skilled software developers across Africa is only growing. In 2022, TechCabal reported a 22% increase in internet use by small and medium businesses across Africa. All this while the demand for remote programmers remains high. According to TechCabal, 40% of African software developers now work for at least one company based outside the continent. 

With the competition for technical talent intensifying, businesses across Africa must adapt, and no-code tools may offer relief. No-code tools empower businesses to create applications, automate processes like KYC verification, and drive efficiency without extensive coding expertise. 


In this blog, we'll explore the growing influence of no-code tools in the African business landscape and provide insights into how businesses across the continent can leverage them to lighten the burden on their limited technical resources. 


The No-Code Revolution Takes Root in Africa


Across Africa, entrepreneurs and businesses increasingly recognise the potential of no-code tools to bridge the tech talent gap and unlock new opportunities. 

Here's why no-code tools are becoming more relevant for African businesses:


Democratising Innovation: No-code tools break down traditional barriers to entry, enabling individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill levels to participate in building products and features. Regardless of their technical prowess, African entrepreneurs can transform their ideas into fully functional applications.

Creating Products with Limited Resources: As mentioned in the intro, more access to technical talents and budget constraints often need to be improved for African businesses. No-code tools offer a cost-effective way to create applications in whole or in part, reducing development expenditures.


Rapid Deployment: In a fintech market that is rapidly evolving, speed to market can be make-or-break. No-code tools accelerate development, allowing businesses to respond quickly to market demands and seize emerging opportunities.


Leveraging No-Code Tools 


No-code tools can help automate processes from KYC verification to website creation, but it’s all about how you use them. Here are some tips on how to effectively leverage no-code tools.


Identify Where to Use No-Code Solutions: Whether building an entire application in FlutterFlow or selecting parts of your application to insert no-code components, remember they might not be suitable for every scenario. Some typical applications for no-code tools are:

  • Prototype and Test Application: Use the no-code tools to create prototypes of your solutions. Test these prototypes with a small group to gather feedback and make necessary improvements before a full-scale launch.
  • Process automation: Processes like user KYC and payment collection can be excellent candidates for no-code solutions because many existing solutions are intuitive to customers and easy to set up—products like Smile Links or iKhokha’s Link Pay leverage pre-built interfaces that users share via url. 
  • Internal tools: Creating tools for internal use, like HR portals, project management dashboards, or inventory tracking systems, can be easily achieved using no-code solutions. Innovative tools like Jem HR’s employee payroll solution that operates over WhatsApp make internal processes more effortless than ever without a lick of code. 

Choose the Right Tools: Research factors such as ease of use, available features, scalability, and integration capabilities.

Empower Your Team: Some no-code solutions, like Smile Link, are accessible for any employee to set up. Other more complex tools can require you to train your team members to use the chosen no-code tools effectively. Programs like No-Code Africa can help train employees to use no-code web builders.

Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest trends and updates in the no-code world. As technology evolves, new tools and features may become available, offering even more possibilities for innovation. 

Smile Links is a No-Code KYC Solution built for Africa

Smile Links is a no-code KYC service that lets you build a custom user verification interface to share with your end-users through a secure link.


With a few clicks on the Smile ID Portal, you can create a link to verify any ID type Smile ID covers using a document photo or ID number. Tailor the link to your brand by adding your company information and logo, providing a seamless experience for your users.


You can view the results of the verifications completed through the link on the Smile Portal Job List page for a complete no-code identity verification process.


Chat with our team for free access to the Smile ID Portal and test Smile Links. 

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