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SolutionsBiometric Authentication

Ensure the right person is accessing your services

Safeguard your users from account compromises with biometric authentication at login or key points of a transaction.
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Trusted users from the start

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Highly accurate face matching

Match user selfies to registered photos with confidence. SmartSelfie™ matches faces with 99.8% accuracy.
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Most user-friendly two-factor authentication method

Rather than using sms passcodes which often get lost or improperly sent, authenticate users quickly using something they already have, their face.
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Protect your platform from fraud

Biometric two-factor authentication protects your customers' from account theft and other vulnerabilities at transaction points.

Two-factor authentication without the annoying sms codes

Reliable user authentication has many layers

Highly accurate face matching

SmartSelfie™ is designed for African faces: we have trained our machine learning algorithms on over 5M African faces to produce a 99.8% matching accuracy rate in real-time.

Ensures the user is taking the photo in real-time

We test for liveness by asking the user to smile at the camera. This ensures that the photo is taken with the user's camera and is of a living human being.

Protects against fakes

Our algorithm checks for spoof images from simple fakes, such as photos of printouts or other screens, to complex “deep fake” images to ensure the selfie is of the user behind the camera.

Low bandwidth usage

We use the minimum amount of image data possible from the users’ phones. This speeds up image upload time while delivering the best experience regardless of network or device constraints.

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Products to help you with SmartSelfie™ Authentication

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SmartSelfie™ Authentication

Confirm the identity of an existing user.

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