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Smile Link

Seamless ID verification - no coding required

Build digital identity verification, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and KYC compliance into your onboarding process without code.
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Create a link in 3 easy steps

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Step 1: Add IDs & verification methods

Choose the ID types you want to verify and how you want to check them. You can add multiple IDs from multiple countries.

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Step 2: Customise your user interface

Add your company logo, privacy policy and choose the type of link you want to create (single-use or multi-use link).

Icon of Step 3: Share the link with customers step

Step 3: Share the link with customers

Copy and send the link to your customers directly, or embed it in your app for a seamless user experience.

Empower your back-office teams with easy-to-use KYC tools

Enable your customer experience and compliance teams to verify new users and reassess existing users without engineering support.

Easily customise your verification experience

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Effortless setup

Say goodbye to cumbersome coding. Smile Links allows you to build a personalised verification process with just a few clicks.
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Versatile verification

Whether it's passports, national IDs, or other forms of identification, Smile Links supports over 8,500 ID types across 226 countries.
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Branded experience

Customize the verification interface to match your brand. Add a company logo and other details to ensure a seamless and trustworthy user experience.

Share links directly with your customers or embed them in your app

Choose to create a one-time-use link to send directly to a customer or embed a reusable link into your app that can verify anyone who clicks it.

An embedded link cuts out all of the front-end development of a KYC onboarding journey.

Compatible with your favourite verification services

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