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2024 Digital Identity Fraud in Africa Report

Trends, tactics, and the solutions needed to tackle fraud effectively. It is a must-read for everyone doing business online in Africa.
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Who should read this?

This guide is written for:

Business leaders and decision-makers in Africa.

Compliance Managers, KYC & Fraud Analysts.

Product teams and everyone onboarding customers and driving transactions for businesses in Africa.

Africa's KYC Solution Leader

Icon of 100M verifications  in Africa. USP

100M verifications in Africa.

As Africa's leading ID verification company with 100M+ unique identity verification checks, we've uncovered fraud trends to help you effectively prevent losses for your business.
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1st of its kind in Africa.

This is the first analysis focused specifically on fraud trends, tactics, and defences across Africa. You will find key benchmarks on the current state of fraud across industries and regions in Africa.

Topics covered in the report

Methodology of fraud:

Intricate and evolving tactics used by fraudsters in the digital age, drawing from the latest trends, case studies, and expert insights.

  • Document Fraud
  • Biometric Fraud
  • Transaction Fraud

4 times
More fraud goes undetected without biometric solutions.


Trust the experts

We enable businesses to rapidly scale across the continent while confidently verifying their users' identities.

Average verification time
Country coverage in Africa
Documents globally
Facial accuracy for African Faces

Top-tier Data Security

Smile ID employs enterprise-grade best practices to safeguard customer data, achieving both ISO 27001 Certification and SOC 2 Type 2 report against rigorous standards. Our comprehensive ISMS is built with the assistance of independent experts who validate our security, privacy, and compliance controls.

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