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Stay compliant and onboard customers faster in Botswana

With Smile ID, you can quickly verify identities and stay compliant with KYC, AML and data protection regulations in Botswana.
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Country overview

With Smile Identity, you can quickly verify identities and stay compliant with digital KYC and data regulations in Botswana. We handle onboarding and compliance in 52 African countries so that you can focus on other important things.

Regulatory overview

KYC/AML regulations

AML/KYC regulations in Botswana are enforced by a number of regulators including the

  • Bank of Botswana
  • Comissão de Mercado de Capitais (CMC),
  • Instituto de Supervisão de Seguros (ISS)

The primary KYC/AML regulation in Botswana is the Anti-Money Laundering Act which was enacted in 2019.

Data protection regulations

Botswana has in recent years taken steps to secure personal data with the Data Protection Act which was enacted in 2018. The Data Protection Authority (DPA) enforces these laws in the country.

Data controllers and processors must obtain customers’ consent before processing and transferring personal data.

Accurately verify users in Botswana

Stay compliant, prevent fraud and streamline your user verification process for customers across Africa with Smile ID. Verify users with confidence with:

The most extensive ID coverage on the continent

99.8% recognition accuracy for faces of all skin tones

A solution that is compatible with any device

Documents we verify in Botswana

Give users the flexibility to verify their identity using any of the following ID documents. All we need is a document photo and a selfie.

Botswanan National ID

The Botswanan National ID is issued by the Department of National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship (DNRPC) and is the most popular identification document in the country.

Botswanan Passport

The Botswanan Department of National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship (DNRPC) issues passports to be used for international travel and identification.

Botswanan Driver’s License

Driver’s Licenses issued by the Department of Road Transport and Safety (DRTS) can be used for identity verification

Botswanan Resident Card

Resident Cards, issued Department of Immigration and Citizenship, can be used to identify non-citizens of Botswana who live in the country.

Digital Identity Verification for Botswana

Digital identity verification, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and KYC compliance solutions built for fast-growing businesses to scale in Botswana.

Transcribes document text with 96% accuracy

Checks for accurate format

Identifies tampered and forged documents

Verifies security features

Icon of Scan your document feature step

Scan your document

Our image capture tool guides users to take clear photos even with older devices.

Icon of Smile for a selfie feature step

Smile for a selfie

We ensure a real user is behind the camera by asking them to smile to test for liveness.

Icon of Get real-time results feature step

Get real-time results

In a few seconds, we will confirm the document is authentic and belongs to the user.

Ready to get started?

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