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Webinar Recap: Startup Security - Your guide to fraud prevention

If you’d like to explore what goes into protecting your startup from bad actors, join the Paystack and Smile ID teams in this webinar where we share practical insights on fraud prevention methods for startups in Africa.
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On October 3rd, 2023, Smile ID and the Paystack team joined forces to bring together a team of experts to explore critical insights on protecting African startups from fraud attacks. In this session, our security and compliance experts discussed the delicate balance between easy onboarding and fraud prevention, building solutions with compliance at the core, and how internal and external teams can work together to safeguard your business.

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Opeyemi Kufoniyi

Product Manager, Smile ID

Ingrid Ndlovu

Customer Success Lead, Paystack

Dustin Strydom

Commercial Director, SA, Smile ID

Jemima Keyanjui

Product Lead, Paystack

Motunrola Bisi-Afolabi

Legal & Regulatory Council, Paystack

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