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Verify users with confidence using government data

Access Africa's largest government ID information network through a single API connection.
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Trusted users from the start

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KYC information from reliable sources

Search personal information directly from the government with API connections to 20 government ID databases and counting.
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Pair with biometrics to mitigate fraud

Match a user's submitted selfie to an individual's official ID photo on file with the government ID authority.
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Eliminate user friction

Don’t choose between reliable KYC and a great user experience. Verify users in seconds with only an ID number and a selfie.

Direct access to databases from ID issuing authorities

African Government KYC Check

Verify users against trustworthy sources with Smile ID's government check. Access a vast network of government ID databases across Africa and seamlessly pair biometrics for enhanced fraud mitigation.

Fast and reliable remote onboarding

Onboard your users from anywhere in less than 10 seconds by checking personal information and photos on a government database.

Highly accurate face matching

SmartSelfie™ is designed for African faces: we have trained our machine learning algorithms on over 5M African faces to produce a 99.8% matching accuracy rate in real-time.

Ensures the user is taking the photo in real-time

We test for liveness by asking the user to smile at the camera. This ensures that the photo is taken with the user's camera and is of a living human being.

Protects against fake images

Our algorithm checks for spoof images from simple fakes, such as photos of printouts or other screens, to complex “deep fake” images to ensure the selfie is of the user behind the camera.

Our Solutions

Products to help you with Government Check

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Basic KYC

Match personal information against official government records.

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Enhanced KYC

Retrieve personal information from official government records.

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Biometric KYC

Retrieve personal information from government records and match a selfie to official ID photo.

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