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The Zambia KYC Guide

Everything you need to know about compliantly verifying users in Zambia.
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Seamlessly onboard users in Zambia

Due to its geographical location, transportation infrastructure, and political stability, Zambia has long been considered a strategic nation in Southern Africa. Located in the region's centre, Zambia is bordered by seven countries, making it essential to intra-regional trade. All these and its young population make the landlocked country an interesting destination for businesses and investors. This KYC guide is designed to teach you the key regulations and onboarding best practices you need to know to confidently verify users in Zambia.

In this report you will find

A breakdown of Zambia's KYC and AML regulations

Overview of Zambia's most important ID documents for user verification

Tips on what to look for in an identity verification partner in Zambia

This guide is written for:

CEOs and Founders looking to expand their business into Zambia.

Compliance Managers wanting to ensure they are meeting all the requirements for onboarding users in Zambia

Anyone interested in keeping up with business and regulatory trends in Zambia

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